How to spy on a phone or SMS without access to the phone using a spy app

How to spy on a phone or SMS without access to the phone using a spy app

Technology continues to amaze us in many ways. Every now and then, there is a technological innovation that not only astounds us but serves to provide us with convenience and adds comfort to our lifestyle.

In addition, to convenience, technology also provides us with ways to solve problems and dilemmas in our lives. A spy app is one such example of a technological innovation that serves to solve the dilemma of accessing the information on the phone of an individual we are concerned about for various reasons and lets you spy on text messages like a pro.

Why use a spy app

When cellphones were introduced, they revolutionized how we interact and communicate with others around us. However, like any other technology, cellphones pose challenges and dilemmas of their own.

Consider messaging, for instance. Text messaging is quite a discreet and convenient way of interacting with others. However, it also invites the possibility of misuse. Suppose you are a parent to children who are active mobile users. In that case, you may always feel concerned about the looming danger of your child being exposed to harmful content or even predators who may take advantage of their innocence under the guise of harmless associations.

Similarly, the increased use of cell phones may also prompt the significant others in your life to misuse the technology to cheat on you. The constant feeling of dread and suspicion that you might be played is certainly not a good feeling, and like any other person, you may want to put your suspicions to your rest.

Moreover, keeping a check on employees becomes necessary when you might be concerned about decreased productivity or leakage of sensitive information as an employer. Keeping tabs on them may prompt them to keep their behavior in check. Also, at times it is important to track their movements if transportation of goods or cargo is involved.

All the instances discussed above require a phone or SMS spy apps that can provide you with the facility of monitoring text messages on a targeted phone and keeping a check on the activities performed on a mobile device remotely and discreetly.

Using a phone and SMS spy app

The phone and SMS spy app vary in terms of features and installation method but serve more or less the same purpose. You can choose to use a basic or advanced app depending on your requirement.

You can use an online service where you enter the targeted phone number on the website and get instant access to the messages and call records. At the same time, there are advanced apps as well.

For example, certain spy apps allow you to check call logs, text messages, emails, pictures and videos from the targeted phone in your account or mobile device. At the same time, other more advanced apps can provide you with the mobile device’s location through GPS. These GPS-enabled spy apps can even provide you with a detailed history log of the previous locations that the phone has been in.

Moreover, there are also spy apps available in the market that monitor text messages or spy on the GPS location; they also monitor WhatsApp, Snapchat and Facebook etc. Moreover, some apps have highly advanced features and are designed to block incoming calls, activate the camera and the microphone of the phone you want to spy on.

What is DMARC, and why do you need it?

What is DMARC, and why do you need it?

Hackers and spamming groups are always on the lookout for vulnerable and weak domains. With the malicious intent to use email domains that they are not authorized to use, they try to rick users and conduct phishing scams and other forms of cyber frauds, including data breaches, sending fake invoices, impersonating other accounts and ransomware spreading etc.

Organizations thus need to incorporate features in their cybersecurity frameworks to protect their email domains against hackers and avoid their brand names from being misused. In this regard, DMARC is an effective email authentication mechanism that protects an organization’s brand’s domain from hackers who may try to impersonate its brand and send emails through what may look like the organization’s domain address.

Let’s look at what it is and what it does.

We have established that DMARC is a component of cybersecurity and used by organizations to prevent their domain name from being misused by hackers. It stands for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting and Conformance and is a powerful tool for safeguarding the organization’s domain against spoofing.

A DMARC policy is implemented while deploying DMARC, which guides the email servers on how to treat the email and what to do after checking if the email has been passed by the SPF (Sender Policy Framework) or DKIM (Domain keys Identified Mail), which are also email authenticating mechanisms. DMARC policy outlines a set of rules to prevent hackers from using their domains.

Once verified by SPF or DKIM or both, the email is subjected to a DMARC check. It enables the organization to check all incoming emails according to DMARC records. If an email does not pass that test, it may be subjected to some actions/organizational policy.

The email is subjected to three kinds of policies which are determined on the basis of the organization’s risk tolerance perception. The email may be sent as a normal message with a warning. It is also included in the list of emails that did not pass the DMARC record check test.

Alternatively, the email may automatically be diverted to a quarantine section where it is approved manually before allowing delivery. The third option is that the email may be rejected right away, which is the ultimate purpose of using DMARC.


DMARC can be regarded as an innovation in the field of anti-spoofing. It enables operators to easily identify valid and authentic emails and protect their domain name from unauthorized users who may want to use it for fraudulent activities, spamming or phishing.

If you are concerned about safeguarding your brand’s domain, you can install DMARC and be stress-free.

What web development services does Roundhouse offer?

What web development services does Roundhouse offer?

As of 2019, there were over 1.5 billion active websites. This number may have increased over the years, and it proves that the web development niche is constantly evolving and fluctuating.

A web developer’s duties may vary based on the area they focus in. Generally speaking, they are in charge of creating and providing maintenance to websites and web applications. Some of them may also integrate web design into their skill set, as both areas go hand in hand. As of 2020, there were over 23 million web developers only in the USA.

If we take the information described above into account, we can conclude that each professional has different abilities and may offer different services. In ROUNDHOUSE, we put at our client’s disposal several ways of support.

Web development

Web development consists in taking a web design and making it functional. In other words,  a web development Brisbane agency is in charge of making “tangible” the ideas that a client or a design team has already developed.

There are two main areas of web development. First, in ROUNDHOUSE, we offer services in any of the following web development types:


Front-end web development consists of taking a website’s design and writing the code needed to make it functional. This is achievable by utilizing programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (or a combination of the three).

  • HTML allows you to add content to your website and add appropriate formatting (paragraphs, titles, tables, and such).
  • CSS is all about adding “style” to the content mentioned above. Hence, it allows you to change colors and the size of the media (images, videos).
  • JavaScript is all about adding toggling elements. This language is crucial when it comes to user experience.


Front-end web development is only the surface of a website. However, back-end development goes beyond aesthetics and such elements and takes into account all the aspects server-related.

Hence, back-end services consist in writing a code that makes the website work efficiently and fast. Please keep in mind that website speed optimization is crucial for SEO purposes.

Back-end web development is a bit deeper than what’s explained above, so it is important for the programmer to be flexible and capable of adapting to the client’s necessities. This way, they can make sure they’re utilizing the most efficient method for a specific project.

We are full-stack web developers.

“Full-stack” web development is nothing more than the combination of front-end and back-end web development. Thus, it is the most accurate representation of a programmer’s services to their clientele. As full-stack web developers in ROUNDHOUSE, we combine different and efficient strategies to manage the project wholly. Hence, we are prepared to provide the best services based on your budget and the goals you want to achieve with your website.

We have diversified and expanded our abilities over the years. The size of your project doesn’t matter; we are sure we can help you with it. Don’t be afraid of contacting us if you have any more questions about our services and what we can do.

What You Need to Know About IQ Tests

An IQ test can be an invaluable tool and one that you can utilize in your life. What exactly is an IQ test and what does it entail? People throw out the term “IQ” all the time, but it is not often defined in a tangible way. IQ stands for “intelligence quotient,” and IQ tests can help you rank your strengths and weaknesses so that you can better utilize your skills. Everyone has unique traits, and taking tests that reveal an individual’s mental acuity can be incredibly beneficial in both your personal life and in achieving your career goals

What an IQ Test Entails

An IQ test is broken up into sections meant to test your comprehension, perceptual reasoning, memory and processing abilities. It rates your abilities in a useful way so that you can get a firm grasp on your strong points, and that is no small thing. It is not draining to take, either – so don’t think it’s like taking an SAT exam. Intelligence quotient tests are fascinating and engaging, unlike some of the tests you might have taken as a high school student. This is a test that enables you to have a higher self-awareness and deeper understanding of yourself, which is something that benefits every one of us.

You can take an IQ test online and have your results certified, or you can just take it for fun. Either way, it is a worthy activity that can help you achieve more. Plus, it can be an enjoyable and enlightening experience.

Why Intelligence Quotient Tests Are Important

While an IQ test doesn’t measure your worth as a human being, it does help you evaluate how you can use your abilities in the real world. If you do happen to have an above average score, it can open up new opportunities for you in relevant areas as well, so that is something to consider.

An IQ test can help you in many ways, and you deserve every tool available to make your lifestyle everything you want it to be. Don’t put off the things that can make you better! You have so much to offer the world, and IQ tests can aid you in becoming all you can be.

Utilizing Your IQ Test For Your Betterment

You want to be able to take what you have learned about your strengths and use that knowledge in your career and personal life. While it can be intimidating to take a test that rates your intelligence, it can be a greatly beneficial and practical tool. Taking an IQ test can be a helpful and eye-opening endeavor, so if you have been thinking about taking it, there’s no time like the present!

Reasons Dentists Adore SmileSnap

Reasons Dentists Adore SmileSnap

Heading any kind of business nowadays can be tough. It can be particularly tough to be at the helm of a medical practice. Dental practices are definitely no exception to this rule. Why do dental practices have to try so hard nowadays? That’s due to the fact that competition is so intense in the dental realm. There are so many brand new dental practices popping up all of the time. People who are part of the general public have many options. They never have to settle for dentists who are anything short of the finest. They don’t have to settle for dental staff team members who aren’t exactly up to par, either.

SmileSnap and Content Dentists

Setting up a virtual consult with new patients can be a headache. SmileSnap, however, simplifies the whole idea in a big way. That’s due to the fact that it does a lot for dental professionals who want to make their consultations completely virtual. Virtual consultations mean more than they ever did. People have fast-paced lifestyles. They don’t want to have to waste their time on time-consuming dental consultations that have to take place in person. It can be easy to initiate things with SmileSnap. People who run practices don’t have to delay the concept. Once they kick things off, they can start telling their patients about the features of SmileSnap right away.

The Perks of SmileSnap Use

The perks of SmileSnap use are more than abundant. That’s the reason that so many dentists are going forward with it. It’s a tool that comes in handy for people who like having the option to test out video clips that give patients greetings. SmileSnap can do so much for dental practices that want to be much more interactive with their valued patients. Patients appreciate interaction with businesses of all varieties these days.

SmileSnap is equipped with an impressive analytics dashboard that can cater to a broad assortment of relevant and meaningful tasks. It can do a lot for dentists who want to be able to stay on top of their metrics. It can do just as much for dentists that want to be able to take charge of the metrics that relate to their consultations.

This tool works in conjunction with all kinds of technology options that are out there. It can be suitable for people who depend on phone apps via Android. It can be just as suitable for those who depend on apps via their iPhones. Dental professionals can receive alerts. They can answer all kinds of concerns that involve consultations for patients, too. This device can be a favorite for professionals who want to be able to enhance interaction pathways.

Tips on promoting your music on Spotify

Tips on promoting your music on Spotify

With more than 200 million music fans worldwide, Spotify is an incredible spot to develop your target audience. In case you don’t have a Spotify accounting, begin by signing up to ‘Spotify for Artists’; (click on ‘Claim Your Profile’)to market your music, share your unique story, ensure your pictures to mirror your most recent look, dive into listener stats, and so on. This post will give you some initial spotify promotion tips.

Design Your Resources

Inform fans about the availability of your music on Spotify. Use branding guidelines to discover the best way to use the logo, colors, icon, textual styles, widgets, messaging, and so on.

Remember, Spotify features a distinct visual identity. Labels and artists shouldn’t duplicate this personality. Rather, they should their visual designs and include the latest logos where suitable.

Have your Artist Profile Verified

Anyone can currently go on the web and sign up for a Spotify account then proclaim themselves artists. The blue tick (verification) informs followers and prospective followers that the current account is legit. It shows you are the actual artist permitting you to build trust and authentic interaction with the fans. The blue tick badge is rare, and Spotify makes it simpler for you as a music-creator to acquire one. You can get naturally checked, just by joining to Spotify for Artists.

Market your Music on Social media

One of the approaches to legitimately enlighten your fans regarding following you and tuning in to your music on Spotify is by informing on online media. Spotify is extraordinary in giving artists many options in sharing their music, particularly through online media. Post engaging and collaborative content on social media regularly to draw in a huge following. Social media also enables your music to turn into a web sensation if your fans love it.

Make your playlists

Playlists are compiled under distinct vibes and moods for different occasions. This prudent approach enables you to create your playlists, comprising of tracks by more iconic artists in a similar genre like you. Try to contribute a couple (preferably two or three) songs of your own that you feel resemble other tracks within your playlist. Note: avoid overstuffing your music. Individuals like to find new music/artists as shrouded jewels, not oversold melodic numbers.

Collaborate with different artists

Playlisting your own music won’t cut it. Search for other unsigned artists who you like. Begin by setting up listenable playlists highlighting your music and theirs, and they’ll repay the favor. This boosts you from being on a couple of playlists to twofold figures. Each playlist sports a target audience of thousands. You can recommend your playlist to companions easily. Collaborations offer breakthrough platforms for inspiring one another with your ideas and creativity while marketing your music.

If you do it right, you can become one of the most streamed artists on Spotify: