What is An Eotech

An Eotech is a scope or a site is used by the military and law enforcement agencies and is applied to all their smaller arms (Reference: https://adventurefootstep.com/). However an Eotech can also be used by civilians and applied on their pistols as well. The Eotech is mostly needed by the military and law enforcement officers in case they are engaged in a gun battle in close quarters. These holographic weapon sights give the officers and military officers good vision and accuracy with their small-caliber weapons. So they can possibly end a close-quarter gun battle sooner rather than later. The company that produces the Eotech sights is a company called Eotech. This is an American company that have their headquarters in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The company designs, markets, and manufacturers many different types of electro-optic products.

If a law enforcement agency, military agency, or a regular lay person is looking to purchase a quality Eotech scope or site it is a few things that they should look for. They should make sure that the Eotech scope or site is a holographic weapon sight because this is some of the best and latest technology that have been applied to weapon sights. If you ever run across any Eotech scopes or sites that have won any awards when it comes to the optics of the sight this is definitely an Eotech sight that you should consider purchasing.


Is It Easy Choosing Eotech

When it comes to choosing an Eotech it can be very challenging because there are many different sights to choose from. Besides the company making sites for small arms and  they have a vast variety of accessory products as well. Initially laser diodes was the sight of choice but since EOTech invented a sight that addressed the issue of wavelength instability they have been pushed in the forefront for sight designing and manufacturing. The company really hit it big when the sight was able to be mounted on small firearms and offer better aiming and visibility.


The Four Best Eotech For AR 15

There are four different models of Eotech that are mostly recommended for the AR 15 and they are model 512 holographic sight, xps3 holographic sight, model 552 holographic sight, and xps2 holographic sight. One of the most basic models of sight is the model 512 holographic sight. The xps3 has all the same aspects of the xps2 and it is also night vision capable. The model 552 holographic sight has most of the same characteristics as the 512 holographic sight but it also is equipped with night vision. The xps2 holographic sight is a smaller and lighter sight that is very easy to handle and to take on and off the weapon. There are two different options basically when you are looking to purchase an Eotech. You can purchase one for your handgun because it increases accuracy and makes it easier to aim. The Eotechs for the AR-15 accomplish the same things but you have four different options to choose from.

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