Instagram is a social media platform where users share photos and videos with other individuals. Users often take screenshots of content they find to save for themselves or their friends. Some people might want to view a user’s photos anonymously, such as when the two parties don’t know each other yet, and you’re trying to get a feel for them without giving away their own identity.


Since users can now use hashtags to find other people, it’s also possible that you could find an Instagram profile of someone you don’t know. If so, you could try searching through their photos anonymously without your interest in them being discovered.


For example, You’re scrolling through many photos on Instagram, and you notice that someone has an interesting profile. You’d love to learn more about them, but what do you do when you see that their profile is private?


Many people have the same feeling as this when they browse their most-followed pages and come across a profile that seems interesting. They want to know who posts these fun pictures, what kind of life is behind the filter, and what secrets the account holder is hiding.


The answer used to be: simply send a friend request and hope for the best, but some people (especially celebrities) have taken things one step further by making their accounts private. This means that only approved followers can see their posts – and if you’re not one of them, you’re out of luck.


Luckily, there’s a way to get around this: private Instagram viewers.  Private Instagram viewers are websites or apps that allow you to see any private account without the need to hack someone’s account by username and password.  So if you’re curious about that celebrity or want to see what your friends are up to on their private accounts, a private Instagram viewer is the perfect way to do it.


There are a few different ones, but our personal favorite is WatchInsta. It’s easy to use, reliable and has a huge selection of private accounts to browse through. Plus, it’s free to use!  If you’re interested in checking out some private Instagram accounts, head over to WatchInsta and give it a try. You won’t regret it!




So there you have it – private Instagram viewers are a great way to see any private account without the need to hack someone’s account. You don’t need to send a follow request and wait for it to be accepted to see the content of a particular profile post. Just head on to, and boom, you’ll have access to any private profile that you want to explore.